Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mummy About Town- First Blog!

Mummy About Town...


This is my first blog so apologies if I get something definitely welcome!

A little background for you, I am Mummy to a gorgeous little 14 month old boy and Wife to an almost as gorgeous husband;) however I am also a person in my own right- just about! And here lies the reason for this blog- when pregnant I was determined to not become all Mummy...first few months;epic fail!! I didn't want to leave him then when I did leave him I missed him so much it wasn't worth going anywhere anyway; but now that I'm back at work, it's something that I've had to get over! Maybe I'm asking too much...I'm hoping this blog and you lovely mummies out there will help achieve the apparent impossible of being a brilliant Mummy, an excellent wife and still me!!

I aim to explore parenting and being a 'late 20s' female; trying new things and sharing my favourite old things- hopefully you'll enjoy it too :)

There are the very good Mummy days, like the painting afternoon Monkit and I spent on Sunday, a wonderfully messy but smile inducing afternoon. Then there are bad Mummy days, like the night out with the girls I had last Saturday; also smile inducing and messy! Is it wrong to want a little bit of both? Do you do it? Do you get the Mummy guilts? What do you do about them? Let's explore!!!

x x x